Welcome to my space! I am a second year PhD student at CosmoStat.
I am interested in understanding the origin and the contents of the universe. My main research interests are weak lensing, dark energy models, large scale structure, numerical simulations and machine learning. Weak lensing is a phenomenon in which the presence of massive objects between the source and the observer, causes the light rays to bend, due to its gravitational influence. It thus is a powerful cosmological probe. I work on Likelihood-free parameter estimation using higher order statistics. The goal of my PhD is to develop a hybrid approach, consisting in a likelihood-free cosmological parameter inference which would be based on the high order statics theoretical prediction rather than n-body simulations. This approach will have the advantage of not needing to store huge data set to compute a covariance matrix, and not requiring huge CPU/GPU resources as the forward modelling method, making this method highly competitive to constraint the cosmological model using high order statistics in future surveys. I am a member of the Euclid collaborations. Keep checking back in this page to see how this progresses!
I am one of the co-organisers of the Cosmostat Journal club. If you would like to give a talk and meet the CosmoStat group you can contact Lisa Goh., Ezequiel Centofanti or me. Apart from this, I also love travelling and photography. Head over to travel section to see some cool clicks!